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What makes us


Long term track record of success in direct search for top level candidates.


Outstanding industry knowledge.


In-depth candidate assessments.


More than 23 years of expereience in direct search.


In an increasingly competitive business environment and an ever more complex world, hiring the right management and specialists is critical to success. Combine these factors with social and demographic change and top performers and high potentials have never been in such demand.

In the classic sense, Headhunting suggests a chase, perhaps something rather spontaneous and quick.

But in the current market, one often needs the strategic vision of a chess player in order to recruit outstanding talent. For more than 23 years, we have been sourcing high-level candidates who meet the exact requirements of our clients. We see ourselves as a bridge between the complex requirements of modern business and the individual expectations of candidates, who are more aware than ever of their value.

Strategies to SEARCH and FIND

Our loyal client base is evidence of both our high completion rate and the success enjoyed by candidates once we have placed them.

In terms of candidate search, we place a significant emphasis on a tailored, strategic and highly professional identification process. Furthermore, we can also rely on our large network of high caliber industry contacts.

Unlike some companies, we don’t believe that database candidates and searches which rely primarily on social media or job postings are the best way to identify top performers. Increasing your company’s competitiveness should not be left to chance, but rely on solid market and competitive intelligence.

Please get in touch – we would be delighted to assist you in your search for the best talent available, tailored to your requirements and corporate aims.

What makes us different?

• Long term track record of success in direct search for top level candidates

• Outstanding industry knowledge

• In-depth candidate assessments

There are no Olympic medals or trophies in our industry, but as a successful search company we do have outstanding references, which we are happy to share with new clients. Please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist.



Despite our in-depth experience and hard earned reputation, we are not content to rest on our laurels. A fundamental level of expertise is helpful, but of paramount importance to both us and our clients is the ability to adapt and change with markets and to see new developments early.
Our work reflects social changes and cultural shifts, such as the rising number of women in managerial positions or the importance of work - life balance to different Generations. Human Capital is the the most important investment for the future and this is most critical at management level. Dr. Mittermaier, Blaesy & Cie. is exclusively focused on Executive Search.


To guarantee quality, we choose to focus on a few select areas where we are best able to fulfill the exact requirements of our clients. Careful selection of professional staff begins within our own ranks. Our staff have all gained HR and management experience in well known international companies in various industries.
With in-depth market knowledge, experience and a reputation for delivering on even the most challenging assignments, Dr. Mittermaier, Blaesy & Cie. has an outstanding reputation in Germany and beyond.